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Avalife Colon Care 30 Capsules

Avalife Colon Care 30 Capsules
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Avalife Colon Care 30 Capsules
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Avalife Colon Care is a perfect combination of unique and innovative DGL Liquorice root extract, Gutguard* and Ayurvedic herbs to help maintain Gut Integrity, support Colon health and bring natural balance to your Intestinal microbiome.

Avalife Colon Care is not a probiotic, but it helps balance & naturally restores Intestinal microbiome.

Gut Integrity & Colon Support: The herbs in Avalife Colon Care act as prokinetic agents which may help modulate Gut motility.

Gut Balance: Avalife Colon Care is formulated using herbs which may work against H.pylori thereby maintaining a healthy gut balance.

Abdominal Spams: Avalife Colon Care may help control abdominal spams possibly through dual blockade mechanism.

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