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Active Girl Capsules 30`s

Active Girl Capsules 30`s
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Active Girl Capsules 30`s
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Painful periods- vitamin B6 and manganese reduce uterine prostaglandins produced before menstruation hence relieving pain.
irregular periods – EPO ensures a balance of menstrual cycle hormones mentioned previously hence able to regulate the formation and breakage of corpus luteum. ( soft gel) increased oxidative stress during menstrual cycle is also reduced by selenium, vitamin B2, vitamin E and vitamin C ( Tablet)
Endometriosis or uterine fibroids – EPO as a result of GLA in it is able to remove inflammatory compounds and non-inflammatory lesions. This includes both in the uterine lining and in skin acne, sore throats and haemorrhoids. ( soft gel)
Premenstrual syndrome – many women are sensitive to normal prolactin hormone in the body causing mood swings, irritability and bloating during periods. GLA in EPO in active girl converts prolactin to prostaglandin E1 hence preventing such symptoms. ( soft gel)
Post-menopausal symptoms – GLA in EPO in active girl converts prolactin to prostaglandin which counters hormonal changes associated with menopause. Hence relieving symptoms like anxiety, hair loss, hot flashes, insomnia, joint pain, mood swings, night sweats, and weight gain. ( soft gel)
Boost libido – EPO, and zinc balance progesterone and estrogen levels, increase dopamine and help produce more nitric oxide hence boosting libido in women.

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