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Aerochamber Flow-vu 1-5 Years Medium Mask

Aerochamber Flow-vu 1-5 Years Medium Mask
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Aerochamber Flow-vu 1-5 Years Medium Mask
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Inhalers (puffers) can be challenging. The medicine comes out very quickly and can end up in your mouth and throat if you do not press the inhaler at the exact same time as you inhale. Using an AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Chamber with your inhaler helps ensure your medicine is delivered where it is needed to work in your lungs. In addition, the chamber limits the amount of medicine that ends up in your mouth, reducing the potential for side effects.

AeroChamber Plus* Flow Vu* Valved Holding Chamber is the only chamber with a dedicated Inhalation Indicator which can be easily visualized by the parent and caregiver.

The Flow Vu* Inhalation Indicator provides assurance of correct use for medication delivery. 

Other Flow-Vu* benefits:

  • shows there is a proper seal
  • enables counting of breathes
  • helps co-ordinate actuation with inhalation

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